The Small One - Once you use this Electric Kettle to melt your'll never go back to any other way! 

Our individually hand assembled kettle melts 7-8 lbs of candle wax.  Our all nickel taps (better than brass no rusting) are attached w/ a 3 step process so no dripping, larger flow, quicker pour!  Our pots are fully assembled - just open the box (which we pack with lots of air pillows and wrapping to keep from getting damaged) - plug in and get to melting! :)

The kettle comes with the power cord and the temperature gauge - the gauge adjusts from warm (about 120-130) all the way up to 400 degrees.

 As a our FREE GIFT TO YOU - we include  (3) Clamshell Molds ready for you to fill - ENJOY!

We stand 100% behind our quality and look forward to you being a very happy customer!